June 6, 2020

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IndexCopernicus Egypt - Recently Added Journals
American Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics2328-73060.00
American Journal of Cancer Prevention2328-73220.00
Afro-Egyptian Journal of Infectious and Endemic Diseases 2090-76130.00
Egyptian Journal for Aquaculture2090-78770.00
Journal of Advanced Studies in Topology2090-82880.00
International Journal of Algebra and Statistics2314-45480.00
Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research2090-424x0.00
Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences 2090-42740.00
Water Science مجلة علوم المياه1110-49290.00
International eJournal of Communication and Electronic1687-87010.00
International eJournal of Numerical Analysis and Related Topics1687-787X0.00
International eJournal of Engineering Mathematics: Theory and Application1687-61563.45
Banha Medicl Journal1110-208x0.00
Efflatounia (Efflatoun's Journal of Entomology)1110-87030.00
Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences Toxicology & Pest control2090-07910.00
Alexandria Journal of Vetrinary Science1110-20473.86
The Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association0013-24460.00
Egyptian Journal of Rabbit Science1110-25940.00
Egyptian Journal of Ear, Nose, Throat and Allied Sciences2090-07404.73
The Egyptian Journal of Anatomy1110-21440.00
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