June 6, 2020

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IndexCopernicus Egypt - Journals List
Total number of journals: 246
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Annals of Pediatric Surgery1687-41370.00
Arab Journal of Biotechnology1110-68750.00
Arab Journal of Gastroenterology1687-19790.00
Arab Journal of Nuclear Sciences and Applications1110-04514.42
Arab Universities Journal of Agricultural Sciences1110-26750.00
Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences1110-04860.00
Assiut Medical Journal1110-04940.00
Assiut University Journal Mathematics and Computer Science1687-48970.00
Assiut University Journal of Botany1687-49270.00
Assiut University Journal of Geology1687-49430.00
Assiut University Journal of Zoology1687-49350.00
Assiut Veterinary Medical Journal1012-59734.28
Banha Medicl Journal1110-208x0.00
Bulletin of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine1110-08340.00
Bulletin of Egyptian Society for Physiological Sciences1110-08420.00
Bulletin of Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University0526-86130.00
Bulletin of Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University1110-09310.00
Bulletin of High Institute of Public Health1110-00360.00
Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Sciences1110-00520.00
Bulletin of Tethys Geological Society1687-48890.00
Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Egypt1110-71620.00
Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering Minia University1110-242X0.00
Bulletin of the National Research Center1110-05910.00
Bulletin of the Ophthalmological Society of Egypt1110-09820.00
Cairo Dental Journal1110-67860.00
Cataract and Cornea: Journal of the Egyptian Society of Cataract andCorneal Diseases1110-74993.84
Current Psychiatry. Ain Shams University1110-59250.00
Delta Journal of Ophthalmology1110-91730.00
Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal1020-33970.00
Efflatounia (Efflatoun's Journal of Entomology)1110-87030.00
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